Portfolio / Theatre / April 17, 2017

Born, transferred, placed, discharged, returned…

There are nearly 70,000 looked after children in the UK today. What do most of us know about this experience?

Louise Wallwein grew up in care from the age of nine. GLUE is the true story of her first two meetings with her birth mother, three decades after being put up for adoption.

Audiences are invited to participate in a very private first reunion, and the subsequent more public second meeting.

GLUE is a brave, moving and ultimately uplifting show about coming to terms with our parental relationships to accept who we are.

Writer and Performer, Louise Wallwein
Director, Susan Roberts
Movement Direction, Benji Reid
Music and Sound, Jaydev Mistry
Photography, Benji Reid

GLUE has been presented at the Family Arts Conference in Manchester, and will be presented at the Contains Strong Language Festival, Hull City of Culture in September 2017, and the run at Oval House in London before embarking on a National Tour. Please contact if you want to see GLUE come to a town near you.