Tom Dale Company – Roam

Portfolio / July 12, 2010



“The effect is electric” Edinburgh Guide

Tom Dale’sRoam is a captivating journey of 5 dancers into a world of swinging sub bass and complex percussion, with commissioned music from maverick producer Shackleton and live drum & bass from Sion.

Life’s roaming pulse is the unstoppable condition in which life finds itself, relentlessly taking us into the unknown, connecting moment to moment, for survival, inspiration, meaning, distraction… conscious or unconscious.  ROAM takes as its starting point the human requirement to explore and experience.

“Both the movements themselves and the small dramas they suggest are engrossing and pleasurable to watch”


28 & 29 January 2010 – Laban Theatre, London
10 February 2010 – Brewhouse, Taunton
11 February 2010 – Civic Theatre, Chelmsford
12 February 2010 – Trestle Arts Base, St Albans
20 February 2010 – Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
21 April 2010 – Salisbury Arts Centre, Salisbury
27 April 2010 – Spring Loaded Festival, The Place

6 – 30 August 4.20pm
Zoo Southside, Edinburgh Festival 2010 


Choreographer Tom Dale
Composers Shackleton (Berlin) & Sion (London)
Live Music Sion
Text Rick Holland
Costume Design Louise Tanoto
Lighting Design Bill Deverson
Dancers Lee Davern, Chelen Freeman, Maria Palliani, Louise Tanoto, Stephen Moynihan
Producers Sarah Sansom & Raj Pardesi


Developed with support from Dance Digital, Laban Theatre, Arts Council England, The Garrick Charitable Trust, Escalator East to Edinburgh Awards Scheme.


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